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WL21® FEED is a liquid complementary feed and contains the natural humic acids of the type WH67®. As a liquid composition, it enables extended areas of application via the drinking line, the milk or the feed.

WL21® FEED – Intestinal function enhancing biotic:

  • Standardized composition and quality
  • Suitable for all species via drinking line, milk and feed
  • Contains natural humic acids of type WH67®
  • Neutralization of various toxins and refresh of water quality

The functional properties of WL21® FEED:

WL21® FEED stabilizes the intestinal barrier in that the humic acid particles it contains form a fine, continuous protective film over the intestinal villi. In this way, nutrients can be fully absorbed and the intestinal mucosa is strengthened against the passage of pathogens into the blood. Several studies have shown that the humic acids contained in WH67® influence the intestinal microbiome in favor of the main physiological flora. At the same time, endotoxins (LPS) and various mycotoxins are neutralized by the chemisorptive properties of the humic acids WH67®. It has been proven that glyphosate is bound in the animal body and thus the negative effects are reduced. Other functionalities have been confirmed in numerous studies over more than 60 years of research. The liquid composition results in additional areas of application via the drinking line, the milk or the (liquid) feed.



“WL21® FEED offers further application possibilities and can be a quick measure to support the animals directly on the farm when problems such as cannibalism and necrosis as well as diarrhea occur. “


Matthias Tünte, GITES GmbH

It can be used for:


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