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WH67® is a supplementary feed based on specifically selected, natural humic acids in very high concentrations.

WH67® improves intestinal health of the livestock and can:

  • decrease the occurrence of necrosis
  • reduce tail biting
  • accelerate birth processes
  • increase milk yield
  • reduce diarrhoea
  • improve feed conversion

Thus the vitality of your animals will significantly improve.


The positive effects of WH67® are:

WH67® can have boosting as well as cleaning effects. The immune system in particular is influenced in a positive way, so that a weak immune system is strengthened and a stressed immune system is harmonised again. Additionally WH67® is able to detoxify the metabolism. Pathogens can be bound, neutralised and released by the intestine.

Humic acids are able to improve intestinal function and balance it.

More facts about the origin, composition and effect of humic acids can be found here.


It can be used for:


“Already after using WH67® for the first time, we noticed considerable improvements in the stock. Necroses that had already occurred quickly receded and no further necroses occurred.”


Christa + Manfred Albers, Farmers rearing piglets and fattening

“We have been using humic acids WH67® in our feed concepts since 2013 and appreciate the high level of standardization and the safe function of the product.”


Dr. Koen Molly, Owner Nutrika bv, Belgium

“Since I have been using WH67® in my business, I no longer have any problems with tail biting or ear rim necrosis. For this reason it is an integral part of our feeding concept.“


Hubert Schulze-Rohberg, Farm manager pig fattening farm

“By using WH67® in our sow and piglet feeds, we were able to significantly stabilise the health status and performance of our animals“


Reiner Striedinger, Consultant pig, Meißener Agrarprodukte AG

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