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EVO-AMARIS® is a supplementary feed based on the lead substance Silymarin, the liver protecting and supporting (=hepatoprotetive) active ingredient of the milk thistle. Further selected plant extracts and a special manufacturing process increases the functional properties and thus the efficiency.

Outstanding natural liver protection:

  • Combines several functions in one additive – for a wide range of applications.
  • Manufacturing process G-Biotrax – ensures high bioavailability such as ruman and stomach stability.
  • Improvement of liver function with low dosage.
  • Wide range of applications in all species – from liver protection to toxin blocking.
  • Standardized milk thistle composition: high-dose, pelletizable, safe.

The positive effects of EVO-AMARIS®

The hepatoprotective characteristics of milk thistle are on the one hand based on antioxidative and anti-inflammatory mechanism and on the other hand connected with a reduction of the extent of tissue changes. Further the toxin barrier of the liver cells is increased and the protein biosynthesis is stimulated. In this way the phospholipid membranes of the liver cells get stabilized und the production of cellular synthesis products is increased. Thus, the regeneration efforts of the liver cells and the detoxification can be increased.

“EVO-AMARIS® is a highly effective product that impresses with its strong function and a good price-performance ratio.“


Bart Wattvogel, Owner Nutrika bv, Belgium

The special manufacturing method

The active ingredients of milk thistle have a low bioavailability, so that the absorption is low and the benefit for the organism limited. The special developed manufacturing method  increases the bioavailability, protects the active ingredients against destruction in the rumen and stomach, and activates them through further plant extracts. Thus, EVO-AMARIS® receives its special position in effectiveness and efficiency.


It can be used for:


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