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We have recognised the importance of functional natural substances in plant cultivation and seed treatment. Similar to the intestinal flora of animals, the soil flora also needs to be strengthened in order to improve soil fertility in the long term. Especially the subsurface parts of the plant can be compared to the intestinal villi in the intestine. Similar to an intact villi wall with pronounced intestinal villi for nutrient absorption, a high proportion of fine roots can enormously increase the utilisation of nutrients from the soil. We know the potential of humic acids from our own experiments, so we have developed working solutions for various areas fo application. In the meantime, our expertise has proven itself in the form of tests across Germany.  




  • Increase in root mass
  • Increase in root length
  • Increase in the proportion of fine roots

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  • Stable mixture of humic substances without residues
  • Optimum adhesion properties on the leaf – lowest application rates
  • Based on over 50 years of humic substance production

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