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  • Can help neutralise various toxic substances such as endotoxins, mycotoxins and glyphosate
  • Increases performance parameters such as milk yield, weaning weights and daily gains
  • For the nutritional-physiological support of metabolic processes in cases of necroses and cannibalism
  • WH67® soothes and strengthens the intestine

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  • Can increase the detoxification capacity of the liver
  • Increase in milk quantity for the sow
  • Improved feed efficiency for piglets and fattening pigs
  • Higher daily gains

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  • Over 30 years of proven problem solving for mycotoxin contamination
  • Reduction of various mycotoxins in the digestive tract by means of chemisorption
  • Particularly effective for contamination with more than one mycotoxin

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  • The use of phosphorus in feed can be increased
  • Higher performance through better availability of nutrients
  • Better availability of trace elements
  • WF19® supports N/P-reduced feeding

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  • Supports health in times of increased risk of infection
  • To support special metabolic requirements during the increased occurrence of thick joints
  • Supports intestinal flora

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Individual solutions

We have the expertise and ability to design individual products and labels for you. You benefit from our versatile know-how and modern production technology.

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