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Which factors are most relevant when it comes to the quality of a humic acid product as animal feed?

The quality of a humic acid product, which aims to improve intestinal health in livestock, depends on 4 main factors:


  1. Animal feed safety
  2. Humic acid quality
  3. Humic acid concentration
  4. Processing of humic acids

To 1: Animal feed safety

A humic acid product can only be sold as feed, if it is officially authorized as such. Of particular importance is that no pollutants for example dioxins or heavy metals contaminate the product. A big challenge! The quality of content is highly dependent on the raw material, so that a very high analytical effort, which differs considerably from the required standard, is necessary. In order to get the proven quality of WH67®, only selected and tested raw materials are sourced and processed. Recent scientific results and developments are always attented.

To 2: Humic acid quality

Humic acids belong to the big group of humic substances. Furthermore there are three subgroups listed: humic acids, fulvic acids and humins. The humic acids, which can be used for WH67®, are based on special high-molecular humic acids with a defined chemical structure. The product only focuses the specific mechanisms in the intestine, so that the intestinal health is being positively supported. It is to emphasize that the quality control in the in-house laboratory of our partner (Pharmawerk Weinböhla) is carried out according to extra developed and special evaluation procedures. In this case it is unique that you can rely on a more than 50-year-old existing data pool and equivalent experience. This fact is therefore a unique selling proposition worldwide and makes WH67® special.

To 3: Humic acid concentration

An essential role plays the concentration of humic acids in the product. However, it is not the only relevant quality criterion for a humic acid/WH67® product. At least as important is the chemical-biological composition of humic acids, which often varies a lot. Because as different as the sources of humic substances and therefore humic acids are (they are extracted from humus, moor or peat), so are their characteristics. Anyway diverse raw materials are suitable for extraction. Specially selected lignites may, for example, are a suitable source of raw materials, however the humic acid concentrations often varies. Accurate and experiential extraction and analysis are therefore essential.

To 4: Processing of humic acids

Proper extraction and processing of humic acids are an important quality criteria. Why? Because humic acids only develop their potential effects when the selection, extraction and processing is done with appropriate know-how. Even if the best raw material for humic acids is available, the wrong treatment might destroy their effectiveness. Due to decades of research and a specially developed manufacturing processes, our partner, the Weinböhla pharmaceutical plant, developed itself as an exceptional competence holder for humic acids.


The assessment of the quality of a humic acid product is complex and involves several factors. Our product WH67® is standardized by its efficiency and not on certain matrix values. It is crucial for us, that every kilo of our product has a comparable effect and is unique and superior in its efficiency. This is only possible with a strong understanding of humic acids and know-how from more than 50 years of development work.


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