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Liquid humic acids WL21® FEED – Biotic to strengthen the intestinal function

What is WL21® FEED?

WL21® FEED is a liquid complementary feed and contains the humic acids of type WH67®.

The humic acids of type WH67® have been researched since the 1960s and have developed into an integral part of European compound feed concepts since the founding of GITES GmbH in 2013. For example, the humic acids strengthen the intestinal mucosa by sliding deep into the intervilli and attaching themselves to them like a protective film.

Liquid humic acids offer extended application possibilities
The standardized composition and quality is based on our own manufacturing process and decades of experience in working with humic substances within our group of companies. Thanks to its outstanding solubility, WL21® FEED offers the user extended options for using humic acids for all animal species:
  • Stir into the milk
  • Use in drinking water application
  • Apply in liquid feeding systems
New production technology and processes established

The recipe developed in our own laboratory and the manufacturing process worked out in the technical step are now being produced on our expanded liquid production plant. With the new production technology, the humic acids WH67® are suspended and are therefore available as WL21® FEED for liquid application.

The functional properties of WL21® FEED at a glance:

WL21® FEED  stabilizes the intestinal barrier by the humid acid particles forming a fine continuous protective film over the intestinal villi. In this way, nutrients can be fully absorbed and the intestinal mucous membrane is strengthened. Several studies have shown that valuable ingredients in WL21® FEED make an extremely positive contribution to healthy bowel function. The mineral composition and fibre character provide the organism with valuable nutrients and support the natural digestive processes. Additional functions have been confirmed in over 60 years of research.

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