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EVO-AMARIS® vs. protected choline chloride – a comparison

Feed additives have been used for many years to protect liver function. EVO-AMARIS® is a new and innovative product on the market, which has been proven to support animals. A well-known product type is the protected choline chloride, which is also used in practice. Since more and more questions were being asked about a comparative classification, we would like to compare both products with the following table:

Table: Comparison of protected choline chloride and EVO-AMARIS® using the example of a dairy cow (extract from a comprehensive table)

Both products support liver function in different ways. Choline chloride essentially influences the fat metabolism. The use of EVO-AMARIS® , however, leads to higher performance potential for the liver on all levels. Thus, both products can reduce the risk of ketosis, for example. Furthermore, EVO-AMARIS® has a positive effect on the detoxification of the animals and strengthens the immune system. The costs of using EVO-AMARIS® are also significantly lower than those of protected choline chloride. Thus, the EVO-AMARIS® offers a wider range of functions at lower costs, which considerably increases the economic efficiency.

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Outstanding milk thistle granulate for natural liver protection

• Micro-encapsulation > Rumen and stomach-stable
> 10-fold increase in bioavailability
• Standardisation > Highly concentrated, pelletisable, safe
• Wide range of applications > All animal species – from liver protection to toxin blockade

Figure 1: EVO-AMARIS®

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