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WF19® is a complementary feed based on various humic substances of low molecular weight fractions.

WF19® – Natural bioenhancer for nutrients  and active ingredients in feeding concepts. 

  • Standardized composition and quality of humic substances.
  • Natural bioenhancer for nutrients and active ingredients in feeding concepts.
  • Thanks to a gentle processing the full functionality is retained. 
  • Stabilizes and increases performance and product quality.


The functional properties of WF19®:

The low molecular weight humic substances are proven bioenhancers. Bioenhancers are substances that increase the availability of active ingredients or nutrients in their target structures. These can be used in nutrient reduced feeding concepts (for example zinc and copper as well as N- and P-reduced feeding), but also to improve the availability of active ingredients such as phytogenic substances.

It can be used for:


Molekularer Huminstoff WH19
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