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WH67®EG02 prevents from piglet diarrhea

Every diarrhea destroys thousands of intestinal cells, which cannot completely be rebuilt, even if the nutritional treatment is optimal. As a result the nutrient absorption is considerably restricted and the animals’ performance can be negatively affected.

It is scientifically proven, that in calf rearing every diarrhea will cost 2.000 to 3.000 liter milk yield per lifetime lactation. Keeping in mind that the average milk yield in a cow’s life is about 20.000 to 30.000 liter it amounts to 10 % losses – for every diarrhea!

Based on this knowledge diarrhea in suckling piglets can have a dramatic impact on health and performance and it should be considered as of great importance. The question is why do 2-3-day-old piglets suffer diarrhea even if they receive colostrum? In addition, why are there so big differences between the individual sows and brood?

To answer these questions it is necessary to identify the basic reasons by having a closer look at the sow. The colostrum does not only supply essential immunoglobulins and nutrients for the piglet. Also harmful substances, e.g. endotoxins, are transferred. Furthermore, piglets do come in contact with the faeces of the sow and consequently with pathogenic bacteria.

Especially the first few days in life the immune system of piglets is not fully developed to protect against high infection pressure. Therefore, piglets often get diarrhea – actually caused by the sow itself.

WH67®EG02 can be an important product to prevent piglets from diarrhea, since it neutralizes harmful substances (e.g. endotoxins) directly in the intestine. Due to this effect harmful substances cannot enter the bloodstream and finally they do not become part of the sow’s colostrum. In addition, WH67®EG02 inhibits pathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli, like that the risk of occurring infections in piglets is significantly reduced.

The application of WH67®EGo2 in sow diets to prevent from piglet diarrhea is already practically proven on a lot of farms and deemed as great success.

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