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WH67® stimulates positive bacteria and reduces pathogenic bacteria in the intestine

A recent study on humans has investigated the influence of WH67® on the bacterial flora in the intestine. The subjects took humic acids capsules WH67® in a period over 45 days. On day 0, 11, 31 and 45 feces samples were taken and selected bacteria analyzed.

The results of the study show that WH67® significantly increases the number of positive bacteria (chart 1). Furthermore, pathogenic bacteria are significantly reduced (chart 2). Therefore, Mrs. Prof. Krueger concludes: “We see positive effects in the subjects’ faecal microbiota by taking an oral supplementation of humic acids. In the subjects, WH67® significantly increases the symbiotic bacteria (enterococci, bifidobacterial, lactobacilli) and reduces pathogenic bacteria (C. perfringens, gram-negative enterobacteria).”

This knowledge is of major importance for humans as well as especially for livestock. For example, C. perfringens infections in pigs, cattle or poultry cause substantial health problems and economic losses. Chart 2 shows that the concentration of C. perfringens was significantly reduced after a short period of time with WH67® supplementation. As a result, WH67® can be a valuable component in livestock feeding to prevent the mentioned bacterial infections.

Chart 1: Number of Bifidobacteria in feces of humans after supplementation of WH67® at day TN1= day 0, TN2= day 11, TN3=day 31, TN4= day 45.

Chart 2: Number of Clostridium perfringens-in feces of humans after supplementation of WH67® at day TN1= day 0, TN2= day 11, TN3=day 31, TN4= day 45.

Source: Prof. Krueger (2015): Huminsäuren beeinflussen die antibakterielle Wirkung des Totalherbizides Glyphosat auf die Faekalflora und die Ausscheidung über den Urin. Special print in the magazine OM & Ernaehrung No. 153.

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