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WH67® shows enormous effects in turkey feeding

The most important prerequisite for good animal health in turkey rearing is the development of a healthy gastrointestinal tract (GIT). As a unique biotic for intestinal function, WH67® humid acids can make numerous valuable contributions to the positive development of the GIT. The influence of WH67® on the feeding of turkeys was investigated in light of this. The WH67® was added to the turkey feed on a trial farm with 8,500 animals in three successive fattening runs. Selected results are shown in the graphics below:

Table 1: Results of average medication costs and average feed conversion per animal when using WH67®

The results show that WH67® has significant positive effects on animal health and the performance of turkeys. Medication costs were reduced by over 30 % and feed conversion also improved by 9 feed conversion points. It was also possible to reduce, for example, the discard quotas at the slaughterhouse. The use of WH67® is highly profitable because, after deducting the product costs, it was possible to generate an additional revenue of 0.90 € per turkey. In the example of the trial farm, this corresponds to an additional yield of 7,650 € per run. It can therefore be stated that WH67® in turkey feed significantly improves animal health, can increase performance and is highly profitable.

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Unique biotic to strengthen intestinal function

• Numerous modes of operation > one product > wide range of applications

• Over 70 studies from 60 years of research prove the significant contribution to animal nutrition

• Provides valuable raw fibers, minerals and roughage

• Unique composition of raw materials selected world wide

• Partikulare gentle production based on over 60 years of production experience

Figure 1: WH67®

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