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Tail biting in pig fattening? Not with the humic acid WH67® EG02!


Unfortunately tail biting is a widely spread problem in pig fatting and causes huge problems all over the world. Today many farm managers are looking for solutions to avoid this behaviour of the pigs, as the financial losses can be very big. Also for the farm owner Hubert Schulze-Roberg tail biting was a significant problem.

Problem and target

External visible symptoms like tail biting orear necrosis are very often caused by internal infections and inflammations of the intestine. The intestine is a very important area of the immune system and has due to that a big impact on many processes in the body. Stress, for example caused by transport or feed change, is one of the major factors that can increase the risk of infections and inflammations. Therefore we can regulate a lot by influencing the intestinal microflora. The supplementation of WH67® EG02 has the target to support the animals in cases when inflammations or infections can occur. Finally this should be shown in less tail biting in pig fattening.




The farm Schulze-Roberg has in total 1300 fattening pigs that are housed in 6 compartments. Each 3 weeks 28 kg heavy pigs are bought, every time from the same breeder. Tail biting occurred all the time already from the very beginning and could be observed later on in all stages of the fattening period. The feed is home mixed with a protein supplement from a local feed producer.

Method and result

Due to the fact that at beginning of the trial tail biting was present on the whole farm each compartment received the humic acid WH67® EG02 at a dosage of 5 g/animal/day. The product was supplemented via the drug dosing feeder.
Already after 5 days of supplementation the first significant improvements could be recognised. Injured tails looked much better. After 14 days the tail biting was gone. Than the supplementation was stopped and it was monitored, if tail biting might come back. In none of the groups that received WH67® EG02 tail biting was observed again.
Therefore WH67® EG02 is today used at 5 g/animal/day for 14 days when new pigs are bought.


Conclusion of Hubert Schulze-Roberg

„Since we use WH67® EG02 the former problems of tail biting are absolutely under control. Also ear necrosis we do not see anymore. The pigs are healthy and we achieve good growth rates, so that the farm result is very satisfying. Finally we recognised as well, that our consumption of drugs decreased rapidly and based on all these facts, WH67® EG02 has become a fixed ingredient in our feed rations.“

(citation: Hubert Schulze-Roberg)

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