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Necrosis and its annoying consequences in pig production.
What are the opportunities of the humic acid WH67® EG02?


Necrosis can be caused by a lot of different reasons and can occur at different areas of the body.
In pig production we have very often visible necrosis at the ears and tails, but there can be also invisible necrosis inside of the body. It is well known that pathogen bacteria and their toxins, the so called endotoxins, play an important role in the appearance of necrosis. But unfortunately it is pretty often quite difficult to figure out one specific reason for the outbreak of necrosis.


Problem and target

During September 2015 raised huge problems with tail necrosis at the piglets on the farm of Christa and Manfred Albert. It was striking that not all the piglets had these necrosis but individual piglet groups were heavily infested. Nevertheless these groups were responsible for serious problems with tail biting later on in the fattening period.


Regarding the feeding it was obvious that the piglets hat a slightly diarrhoea, which indicated that there were some problems in the intestinal tract. These issues were expected to be one reason for the tail necrosis. Therefore the application of WH67® EG02, had the target to stabilize the digestion of the piglets and reduce due to that the problems that occur later on.


Method and result

At the trial beginning the piglets were fed in three phases. To reduce the stress for the animals by feed changes the feeding system was changes to two phases. Moreover WH67® EG02 was added to the piglet diets at a dosage of 2 kg/mt.
Since the addition of the humic acid WH67® EG02 there were no tail necrosis observed anymore. The piglets were healthy and developed very well, which was shown in very good daily gain. Furthermore also the tail biting was gone and is still no topic anymore on the farm of Christa & Manfred Albert.



Conclusion of Christa & Manfred Albert

„When we got these huge problems with tail necrosis in 2015 we faced a problem that we never had before. Suddenly our losses went up dramatically and also the performance of our pigs decreased a lot. Of course this had a significant impact on our financial results. When we started to use WH67® EG02 we saw the improvements very fast. Necrosis that were already present started to heal and no new necrosis arised. We came back to our former performance level and therefore WH67® EG02 has become a fixed ingredient in our feed ration.”

(citation: Christa & Manfred Albert)

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