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WH67® is a supplementary feed based on specifically selected, natural humic acids in very high concentrations.

Huminsäuren WH67®

Natural biotic to strengthen intestinal health:

  • Combines several functions in just one additive – for a wide range of applications.
  • Over 70 studies from 60 years of research prove the reliable and effective effects.
  • Extremely high neutralization of endotoxins (LPS) and selected mycotoxins is proven.
  • Patented neutralization of glyphosate in the animal’s body.
  • Unique composition of the world’s most powerful humic acids known.

The functional properties of WH67® :

WH67® stabilizes the intestinal barrier by the humid acid particles forming a fine continuous protective film over the intestinal villi. In this way, nutrients can be fully absorbed and the intestinal mucous membrane is strengthened against the passage of pathogens into the blood. Several studies have shown that WH67® influences the intestinal microbiome in favor of the main physiological flora. At the same time, endotoxins (LPS) and various mycotoxins are neutralized by the chemisorptive properties of the humic acids WH67®. It has been proven that glyphosate is bound in the animal’s body and thus negative effects are reduced. Additional functions have been confirmed in over 60 years of research.  

More facts about the origin, composition and effect of humic acids can be found here.


It can be used for:


“We see improvements in the intestinal health of our farm animals every day. Therefore, we have developed a product that makes these benefits accessible to pets as well.”


Dr. Margit Strohmaier, Special consulting Petfood


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