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EVO-SAR is a mixed product based on plant extracts and activated fatty acidc, which inhibits the spread of specific pathogenic bacteria.

Improves intestinal health of the livestock and is able to:

  • inhibit the growth of gram-positive bacteria
  • reduce the occurrence of diseases in piglets
  • reduce swollen legs
  • reduce the risk of infections
  • support the intestinal function

Thus the vitality of your animals will significantly improve.


The positive effects of EVO-SAR are:

Based on the synergy of plant extracts and active lauric acid, EVO-SAR develops its antimicrobial activity in the gastrointestinal tract. When it is fed on a regular basis, EVO-SAR can significantly reduce the number of pathogenic gram-positive bacteria such as Streptococci or Clostridia. In this way EVO-SAR improves the immune system and supports the health of the livestock.



It can be used for:


General information: This information does not constitute medical advice. Please contact your veterinarian in the cases of infection in your livestock. For legal reasons we are only allowed to supply further information to authorised experts. We ask for your understanding.

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